author-imgMy name is Matthew Acheson and I live in Orono, Maine. I earned my bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern Maine, and I’ve worked as a senior manager in the technology sector for over a decade. I’ve also been a dig hand on archaeological excavations in Egypt, Israel and throughout New England. I tried to learn Hebrew once, so I could cast medieval spells on people, but that guttural Chaf sound they make is just hell on the larynx.

I’m also a part-time fiction author and a member of the Horror Writers Association. My work spans the dark-fantasy and horror genres, and I love stories that make my heart race, with strange plots, hairpin turns and protagonists whose trials leave them broken, damned, deranged. I want stories that make me sleep with one eye open and a pistol loaded with silver tipped bullets on the nightstand. My therapist frowns on this.





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