Originally Published by Buzzy Mag - Forthcoming August 2013.

    It took the both of us to heave the bulkhead open. The hinges shrieked with an unearthly cry that sent shudders up my spine, and we were assaulted by a blast of stale air that fumed up from the pit. It smelled dank and evil.

    “Can you feel it, Gilly?” Aidan whispered, “this place loves us not.” Continue reading

    Originally Published by Spinetinglers - December 2012.

    Perched high atop the Aldaröks, he watched the writhing maelstrom that covered the slopes of the mountains in steaming carnage. The air was all smoke, bellowing warhorns, and the shrieking of men, and horses, and darker things. It was a holocaust that brought a rumbling hunger deep inside him that could not be sated; for the Reaver was born to end lives… Continue reading

    Originally Published by Underground Voices Magazine - August 2012.

    Night is upon us, black as pitch, and there is no moon. I hear a shrill brass cry in the darkness – a watcher’s horn is blowing. Our camp is all shouts and chaos. The horses are braying and kicking, and the dogs have gone feral. There are pale, hunchbacked shapes lingering at the edge of the firelight, hissing at us from the gloom. I have never been so afraid.

    They are coming… Continue reading

    Originally Published by Orion's Child Magazine - January 2011.

    Every nerve in his body whispered in alarm, and a burglar with any talent knows that it is wise to listen to his instincts. He flung his torch into the darkness, and it struck the stone floor fifty feet down the corridor with a sharp crack. The shadows parted and Dougal’s heart froze in his chest.

    A host of hideous, preternatural faces with eyes that shined with an evil cunning, leered back at him from the gloom… Continue reading

    Originally Published by Digital Dragon Magazine - November 2010.

    “Eternity is too long,” he said, “too long to live with what I have seen here today.”

    Brynsbach the Old and his nine sons strode out into the great vale separating the forest from the village, and made war upon the army of men. They did not know mercy, and they did not know fear. They slew by the hundreds, and the thousands. The great host broke in the wake of their terrible fury… Continue reading