HOUSE OSWOLD is one of the thirteen noble families that govern the remaining territories of the Vallisian Empire. Their patriarch holds the titles Lord of Tyre, Lord of Hornchester, and Baron of Oswold, and he rules over Oswold County; 450 household men-at-arms, 13 household knights, 6 banner knights and 32,000 peasants are sworn to his service. Their ancestral seat, Hornchester, is a five century old castle situated along the coast of the Sea of Pearls. The motto of House Oswold is “Fear No Enemy”, their gemstone is turquoise, and their coat-of-arms is a green serpent wrapped around a silver sword with a gold hilt on a white shield. The patriarch’s ceremonial weapon is Kaelding, “Tame Beast”, a Vallisian Silver longsword.

The Oswolds are a proud household, descended from the ancient Dalraga, who were conquered and assimilated by the Vallisian Empire one and a half centuries ago, in the 561st year After the Ashes. They came into prominence in imperial politics a decade ago when they retook the city of Tyre from the Selucians during the Third Battle of Tyre. Godfrey moved his household to Tyre to defend their conquest, while his daughter, Kristin, remains in Hornchester to rule Oswold County in his stead. Since they are not of true-blooded Vallisian heritage, the patriarch of House Oswold is not eligible to sit on the Council of Six or be appointed to the office of Emperor when elections are held every ten years.

GODFREY OSWOLD – Lord of Tyre, Lord of Hornchester, Baron of Oswold. Nicknamed “Lord Half-Ear” by some of the common folk.

  • LADY ANNE of House Ulster, his deceased wife.
  • GARETH, his son, and heir.
  • KRISTIN, his daughter, betrothed to Viktor, Count of Vlakmorea.
  • MORGANIS, his daughter.


  • SIR WYLIE DUNBAR, household knight, and Housemaster for Oswold County.
  • SIR RAYNALD HASTINGS, household knight, and Warmaster for Oswold County.
  • SIR JACOB MOLAY, household knight, and Justicemaster for Oswold County.
  • AGNEW of Hornchester, Lord Bishop, and Churchmaster for Oswold Diocese.
  • SISTER ALEV, Dreamwitch for Lord Godfrey.
  • SIR ANDERS MUNRO, household knight.
  • SIR PONS FAULK, household knight.
  • SIR ARMAND REFFIER, household knight.
  • SIR BRIAN AVERHAM, household knight.
  • SIR GALEN ROCHE, household knight.
  • SIR GILBERT MARSHAL, household knight.
  • SIR EVRED LINCOURT, household knight.
  • SIR HUMBERT NORTON, household knight.
  • SIR RAIMOND SABLE, household knight.
  • SIR BENTLEY CAMPLEY, household knight.