HOUSE HOLLISTER is one of the thirteen noble families that govern the remaining territories of the Vallisian Empire. Their patriarch holds the titles Lord of Westport, and Duke of Hollister, and he rules over Hollister County; 2,500 professional soldiers of the 6th Legion, 28 legionary knights, 55 banner knights, and 168,000 peasants are sworn to his service. Their ancestral seat, Westport, is a seven century old castle situated along the coast of the Sea of Stones. The motto of House Hollister is “No Further”, their gemstone is moonstone (shimmering white), and their coat-of-arms is a black double headed eagle on a gold shield with red trim. The patriarch’s ceremonial weapon is Inferwyn, “Hell’s Vengeance”, a Vallisian Silver longsword.

The Hollisters are an ancient and respected household, descended from Horus the Vigilant, one of the legendary seven highlords who founded the Vallisian Empire a millenia ago, in the 300th year Before the Ashes. Their true-blooded Vallisian heritage grants them a seat on the Council of Six, and makes the patriarch of House Hollister eligible for appointment to the office of Emperor when elections are held every ten years.

JON HOLLISTER – Lord of Westport, Duke of Hollister.

  • LADY FIONA of House Gosford, his betrothed.
  • EDGAR, his younger brother, and heir.
  • SUSAN, his younger sister.


  • SIR DANRIC SUDAR, legionary knight, Housemaster for Hollister County, and sub-commander of the 6th Legion.
  • SIR PIERS LANCASTER, legionary knight, Warmaster for Hollister County, and commander of the 6th Legion.
  • SIR VANCE BORIN, legionary knight, Justicemaster for Hollister County, and sub-commander of the 6th Legion.
  • SAMPSON of Dunthorpe, Lord Bishop, and Churchmaster for Hollister Diocese.
  • SISTER MARGHIT, Dreamwitch for Lord Jon.