HOUSE GOSFORD is one of the thirteen noble families that govern the remaining territories of the Vallisian Empire. Their patriarch holds the titles Lord of Market Hill, and Baron of Gosford, and he rules over Gosford County; 5 household knights, 8 banner knights, and 28,000 peasants are sworn to his service. Their ancestral seat, Market Hill, is a four century old castle perched atop a forested hill that overlooks the Sea of Stones. The motto of House Gosford is “Protect the Helpless”, their gemstone is black onyx, and their coat-of-arms is a red sword on a black and white shield. The patriarch’s ceremonial weapon is Vrúntil, “Frost Fang”, a Vallisian Silver longsword.

The Gosfords are a young household of Nordish descent. They were originally a clan belonging to the Kingdom of Kaldyrnord, but were conquered and assimilated by the Vallisian Empire three centuries ago, in the 413th year After the Ashes. They are now fiercely loyal to the empire, and have heaped great honor upon themselves in the Sandstorm War, and later during the first, second, and third Battle of Tyre. Since they are not of true-blooded Vallisian heritage, the patriarch of House Gosford is not eligible to sit on the Council of Six or be appointed to the office of Emperor when elections are held every ten years.

ALARIC GOSFORD – Lord of Market Hill, Earl of Gosford.

  • LADY CLAIRE of House Ulster, his wife.
  • RICHARD, his eldest son, and heir, betrothed to Sabryna of House D’Arnise.
  • FIONA, his daughter, betrothed to Jon, Duke of Hollister.
  • SIR MAELDUN, his son, and officer of Hollister’s 6th Legion.
  • ERIK, his nephew, and ward.


  • SIR STANFORD GARRY, household knight, and Housemaster for Gosford County.
  • SIR PATRICK KAYNE, household knight, and Warmaster for Gosford County.
  • SIR BERNARD GYRISH, household knight, and Justicemaster for Gosford County.
  • MONTAGU of Oldbridge, Lord Bishop, and Churchmaster for Gosford Diocese.