HOUSE ABERNATHY is one of the thirteen noble families that govern the remaining territories of the Vallisian Empire. Their patriarch holds the titles Lord of Coventry, and Baron of Abernathy, and he rules over Abernathy County; 80 household men-at-arms, 3 household knights, 7 banner knights, and 22,000 peasants are sworn to his service. Their ancestral seat, Coventry, is a seven century old castle town situated in the ancient Wurmwood forest. The motto of House Abernathy is “Forever Watchful”, their gemstone is ruby, and their coat-of-arms is a black vulture on a white shield. The patriarch’s ceremonial weapon is Morturin, “Death’s Tear”, a blackwood spear with a Vallisian Silver tip.

The Abernathys are an obscure household, descended from the ancient Fens (“forest people”), who were conquered and assimilated by the Vallisian Empire two centuries ago, in the 503rd year After the Ashes. Since they are not of Vallisian true-blooded heritage, the patriarch of House Abernathy is not eligible to sit on the Council of Six or be appointed to the office of Emperor when elections are held every ten years.

SCIRION ABERNATHY – Lord of Coventry, Baron of Abernathy.

  • SIR RODERIC MORIN, his deceased father.
  • LADY VICTORIA of House Abernathy, his mother.
  • KAREEN, his deceased sister.
  • GREMUS, his maternal cousin.


  • SIR WOLFGANG MENDLE, household knight, and Housemaster for Abernathy County.
  • SIR VICTOR LAZRA, household knight, and Warmaster for Abernathy County.
  • SIR GREGORY RAS, household knight, and Justicemaster for Abernathy County.
  • DEMEIR of Memnon, Lord Bishop, and Churchmaster for Abernathy Diocese.
  • SIR PETER MORIN, banner knight, and brother-by-law to Scirion Abernathy.