The KINGDOM OF KALDYRNORD is one of the four nations that rule the various territories of the Nordurlandes. Its monarch holds the titles Thane of Clan Faulkstrom, and King of Kaldyrnord, and he rules over the entire kingdom; 1,000 royal men-at-arms, 6 thanes (lesser lords), and 233,000 peasants are sworn to his service. Its ancestral seat, Faulkshall, is a two century old post and beam great-hall situated along the coast of the Sea of Stones. Its national motto is “The North Breaks All Fools”, and its coat-of-arms is a dragon-headed ship with a red sail on a grey shield.

Kaldyrnord is ruled by the royal family of Clan Faulkstrom. They are an ancient and feared clan, descended from Ragnar “Flamehair” Faulkstrom, who conquered and united the western Nordish clans into the Kingdom of Kaldyrnord three and a half centuries ago, in the 361st year After the Ashes. His great grandson, King Angulf Faulkstrom, built the Nordroad and peacefully united the eastern Nordish clans with Kaldyrnord. This opened up a vital trade route through the Ten Lochs river complex, allowing Vallisian and Selucian trade goods to flow between the Sea of Pearls and the Sea of Stones quickly and safely.

SIGARD FAULKSTROM – Thane of Clan Faulkstrom, King of Kaldyrnord.

  • GWEN of Clan Dalksson, his wife.
  • RAGNAR, his deceased son.
  • HERITH, his deceased son.
  • NEIRA, his daughter, betrothed to Waeg of Clan Longnose.
  • PRINCE JORAMUN, his son, and heir.
  • SYLFIE, his daughter.
  • RETHEL, his younger brother, and Sheriff of Saltwyke.


  • HALTAF, King’s Warmaster.
  • SKELDA THE OLD, King’s Witchknutter.
  • TORGARD, Thane of Clan Dalksson.
  • ROLF, Thane of Clan Longnose.
  • RONETH, Thane of Clan Skaeld.
  • MORT, Thane of Clan Rauda.
  • HEMISH, Thane of Clan Bera.
  • ROTHGAR, Thane of Clan Swarta.