Long ago, the people of the Nordurlandes came together to fight a soul-crushing force that threatened to unravel the world. Kingdoms withered, millions died screaming, and an empire was born as mankind crawled out of darkness. Now, after centuries of peace and plenty, the empire is shaken as Mons Mortis erupts and paints the sky with a fiery omen of blood.

Here is a tale of three noble families seduced by power, lust, and greed, endeavoring to leave their legacy in troubled times: A dying lord struggles to save his household from ruin while his daughter unlocks her strange gifts by undertaking a treacherous journey; a nobleman seeks redemption in the shadow of his father’s glory; and a bishop unravels the secret of Bloodroot Fever and discovers a black hate from old times that shrieks in the Wurmwood once again.

Amidst all the smoke and chaos, an election draws near, and the great families prepare to make their claims for the emperor’s crown through corruption, intrigue, and war. But the high lords do not play this game alone. Supernatural forces gather at the edges of civilization, preparing to cast the world back into darkness.

The Time of the Turning is at hand…